The Historical Saluda Hill Cemetery

Saluda Hill Cemetery is a private historical cemetery established in 1824. Among the graves here is that of Zachariah Godbold, the only known Revolutionary War veteran buried in Baldwin County. Many Blakeley residents and Confederate soldiers also are buried in the cemetery.
Erected 1997 by Alabama Historical Association.” ~

The location is a small one with headstones dating back a couple of centuries. As mentioned above, Revolutionary War veteran Zachariah Godbold is buried there as well.  ~

It’s a fascinating cemetery, aged, yet it also includes a few burials from recent years. My husband and I saw it across from the entrance of the Historic Blakeley State Park. Before heading back home, we decided to check it out and pay our respects to the graves.

Inside the cemetery were a couple of sectioned off places that looked like family plots. These two separate areas had low brick walls and wrought iron fences with a gate. One of the squared off plots had several old headstones dating back to the 1800s. One was of a young mother and her two young children. The headstone beside theirs was so weathered and worn that it was pieced together like a puzzle. It was obvious that someone went to great lengths to keep it together because it was being held up by some sort of makeshift metal brace.

The second sectioned off place didn’t have any visible markers or headstones that my husband or I could see. Perhaps it was due to the overgrowth of grass, or maybe the graves were unknown, or maybe the surviving family members couldn’t afford headstones (which was often the case back in the day.)

And at the back of this old cemetery was another gate with a pathway that lead to the Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery. This cemetery was beautifully kept as well.

The following are some photos that we took of the historical Saluda Hill Cemetery.

This photo is of The Alabama State Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

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