The Mourning After

Is this the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end?

Will my perception start to fall, or will it start to transcend?

Ripping the band-aid off heals wounds faster some say.

Is this the truth or does it merely keep the monsters at bay?

Blood loss or blood flow… my thoughts are random regardless of which direction they go.

In the mirror looking back, is it my reflection that I see?

Or am I the reflection looking out, just wanting to be free?

Yesterday is history and today is now.

My past is a mystery, no need to ask “how?”.

The demon’s inside, the struggle is real.

Our combined duality is hard to conceal.

It wins with its laughter….

I’ve lost…. leading to the mourning after…..

“The Mourning After” ~ poem and artwork by Sheila Renee Parker


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