Interview with Psychic Medium, Sammy Rawlinson

Today I’m welcoming psychic medium, Sammy Rawlinson. Thank you, Sammy for stopping by!



 Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I am a psychic medium, spiritualist and a paranormal investigator. I have been doing this stuff pretty much most of my life. It goes right back in the family as far as I know, 4 generations. I could not imagine a life without it!



At what age were you when you first realized you were a psychic medium? And what was it like growing up with your ability?

First, I realized I was a psychic at a very young age although I did not understand what it was back then. It was much later on I realized I was a medium. From the age of 5, I would have premonitions in dreams and visions, which would come true, this was very often. Sometimes big life changing things and sometimes very small random things. I did not see a ghost that I knew was definitely a ghost till much later when I was 17. I think I seen some earlier, but did not understand what I was seeing and wrote it off as my mind playing tricks. At 17, I seen a friend’s father who had tragically passed, appear in front of me while I sat with her which made me run out of her house! It was hard growing up with the ability because people did not believe what I said I could see, even my father was a strong non believer. There were times I worried I was mentally ill, but my mother, a psychic herself told me one day it would all make sense. I had no control over the ability back then. It was constant and could happen anywhere. I learnt not to talk about it and just to keep what I saw to myself. I got my first pack of tarot cards at age 12, they were my mothers. I spent years secretly learning them. As I got older, I learnt to turn the ability on and off and use it at will. I read 100s of books and trained myself, up by now, I did not care anymore what people had to say, I knew what I could see.



How do you protect yourself from any negative energies and/or entities that may try to be in contact with you or cause you harm?

Before I do readings for people, I have to protect myself and them by imagining white light surrounding both of us. Also, you can use a cape of protection and see this cover you for the reader. The hood must be down so the crown chakra can connect to the universe and spirit. For the sitter, the hood must cover their head fully. You also must ground yourself. The same goes for paranormal investigations and house cleansings. Chances are, you are going to encounter something that does not want to move on so it’s not going to take you being there lightly. Some people use prayers and religious symbols. For me it’s all about the intention of the mind and white light. Low/negative spirits can’t go near white light or enter it. As light and color defines the levels of planes on the other side and spirits can only dwell on the level they are in line with. If it’s a negative spirit, it won’t be in line with white light as that defines higher planes. Also, you must have no fear and be firm with your thoughts. Sage is used also.



You’re also a paranormal investigator. Being a psychic medium, do you solely rely upon your psychic ability while conducting an investigation or do you incorporate the use of technological equipment as well?

As a paranormal investigator I work with a team made up of different people. They have the technological equipment and I have the ability. We work together and what a psychic says should work with and be backed up by their machines in correspondence.




What has been the most bizarre paranormal case you’ve investigated so far?

It was very recent, a family called me in to do a house cleansing to a new built home. It’s rare in these cases, it’s more than just someone’s imagination and normally has a rational explanation. More rarely it can be a passed on loved one trying to get a message across. But when I walked in this house it was pretty clear this was not going to be a normal day at the office! The atmosphere was electric. I have a check list I go through with people to establish on a level of 1 to 10 what’s happening in their home. From 1 being their imagination. 2 electrical interference and so on, 10 is a full blown haunting. I just scrapped the list in this house. As soon as I walked in I seen a man that looked like a monk just walk straight up the stairs. There were children spirits running around, it was amazing. I had to sage the full house and move on the monk-like spirit who had been making his presence very known. I don’t think he was evil, I think he just did not like sharing the home. After this, the family showed me the footage they had caught on a camera baby monitor and told me the house had been built on the site of an old work house and hospital. The footage showed a man in a long dark robe. And a child spirit in bed with their child just staring at her (the child said she had a little friend called Rosy). Also, there was a video of a man shaped black shadow moving up and down the stairs. The family said I could post the footage and it made quite a stir in the press! Up to now I think that was the best.



In your own words, what does it mean to be a spiritualist?

As a spiritualist, you are an advocate for the spirit world or afterlife, and follow the faith of spiritualism. The faith’s main teachings are there is life after death and we can communicate with the other side. Everything in life is governed by a karma balance and law. And that the other side’s primary goal is to prove to people there is another side and natural law to the universe. As a spiritualist your job is to try to show this.



You also have a YouTube channel, tell us about that and how followers can subscribe.

I use my YouTube channel to cover most things I do connected to my work from paranormal investigations, ghosts, tarot card readings, predictions to mediumship as I know people have an interest in this stuff. My YouTube channel is called Sammy Rawlinson and the link is .



Anything else you’d like to share about your gifts/ abilities?

I just can’t wait to learn and develop them more as this stuff takes years. I hope other people can develop theirs also and not be afraid to because of judgment in life from other people who don’t understand psychic ability. So many people’s abilities are suppressed because we live in a society of superstition and distrust. The amount of people who say to me I have seen something, I am psychic or I believe but I can’t say for fear of what other people would think of me! Is crazy. When used properly the gift can help people so much and even change their perspective on life.



Any positive words of wisdom?

Do not be afraid to follow your own path in this life.












16 thoughts on “Interview with Psychic Medium, Sammy Rawlinson

  1. I really enjoyed reading this interview! I am in this relationship with a lady, and have been thinking of seeing a psychic of some sort, perhaps for some assurances on where this relationship is going and will it succeed. I wonder how to find a “real” one, and should I pose my specific question, or just sit there like a lump and let the psychic get whatever she gets from me? Or should I just follow my heart and see “how things play out”? Maybe knowing is not everything, and maybe things can be changed, or can they?

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  2. Fascinating interview. I find all that Sammy says quite believable and well-said. I’m not a psychic, but I believe there are people in this world who have that power. I believe I’m an empath, and in some ways that makes me seem psychic (to my friends). Thanks for following me at Roughwighting. Some of my fictional (and non-fictional) stories flirt with the power of the mind and the spirit. I find that if I’m careful in the way I write these stories, I don’t scare people away from them. 🙂 And I always believe in the power of white light, just as Sammy describes.

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  3. I tried posting a comment on my computer and it didn’t go through, so hopefully I’m not posting twice, LOL! I really enjoyed this interview. I love hearing from other people who have psychic abilities. I think most of us have struggled at some point in our lives and hide who we are out of fear of being judged. It was really hard for me growing up. We all have to stick together because we have so much to offer. We are the ones that have the most power to make the world a more positive place.
    Thanks for posting! I look forward to reading more!

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  4. Does she have her own personal page? I really enjoyed this and would love to look more into her and her work! Also, I just started my blog. I have never done anything like this before, but I want to help as many people as possible. My blog tells my story over the last few years explaining how I was introduced to heroin, how I then ended up living on the streets, how I lost my fiancé tragically, and how I got help and where I am today. I would love it if maybe you could share my blog? I don’t know how to get followers or anything like that. All I want to do is help people. To make a change, to help break the chains of addiction. If I could just save 1 persons life, then I accomplished my goal. Hopefully I will be able to help many more than just one person, of course, but one step at a time. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my comment. I hope you will share my blog so we can help others!!

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    • Sammy is such an amazing person, her YouTube channel is really awesome!

      On a personal note, I love your energy and the positive changes that you’ve made to make your life better! I applaud you for rising above your challenges! Please always remember that you are extremely important and by writing about your experiences, you are helping others. Some may not reach out to you, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t touched their lives for the better. Helping one person at a time, one day at a time, can and will do wonders on so many levels!

      You are a beautiful beacon of light! Always continue to shine for all to see!! ❤

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