Interview with Girls Of The Dark

Today I’m welcoming the paranormal investigative team, Girls Of The Dark. Thank you, ladies for stopping by!



Can you tell us a little about yourselves and how Girls Of The Dark was formed?

We are an all female paranormal group and our names our Wendy, Anissa and Lesa! We started in 2012 after finding we all had a common interest in the paranormal. We are coworkers in an emergency room. Anissa and I are Registered Nurses and Lesa is our Clerk! Lesa and I always talked about our love for Ghost Adventures and found out they had just investigated a location near our home town. Lesa and I immediately were interested in the idea of visiting that location. Anissa happen to over hear our conversation and said “I love that stuff! Don’t forget me, because I want to go!” Lesa and I were like ok let’s try this! The most interesting part about this is that our common interest in the paranormal brought us together and created an amazing friendship. We had never hung out outside of work. We were strictly coworkers! Our first time we every hung out outside of work was at a haunted location called “Black Moon Manor” and we had so much fun together. We realized that night this is what we were meant to do. We loved our experience at Black Moon Manor and we wanted to continue investigating the paranormal.


Why the paranormal?

We want to known what happens after you die. The mystery of it is so intriguing! We want to find out why spirits linger and why is it that we are able to communicate with the dead! Lesa always jokes that she likes the dead more than the living! Lol!


What role does each team member take part in?

We really don’t have specific roles. We go into every location with an open mind. We find that each one of us are affected differently at different locations. One location may affect Lesa in a way that it doesn’t affect Anissa and myself. That’s where trust plays an important role. We trust that if one of us is experiencing it’s real and we use it to our advantage while investigating. We may change our focus or the way we are investigating just because one of us is experiencing something and it works. We get good evidence this way!


What’s the most rewarding part about being a paranormal investigative team?

The most rewarding thing is proving that spirits exists. So many people are skeptical about what we do. When you bring that piece of evidence to them that literally blows their mind to the point they believe is rewarding! We have done our job. We also find it very rewarding that we can help others. People are so scared to talk about experiences, because they are afraid people will think they are crazy. We love that people feel comfortable and trust us enough to come to us and ask for help. We do the best we can to help them!


How does Girls Of The Dark prepare for an investigation?

We try to go into every investigation with an open mind! We do some research before our investigation, but try not to do too much. We like investigating and then researching afterwards to see if the evidence we captured relates to the history and other people’s experiences. We feel like learning to much before going into an investigation can cloud your mind. We like to form our own opinions and see if our experiences end up validating claims that others have made.


What types of places do you investigate?

Paranormal investigating is our passion. Their is not one location that we wouldn’t go to! We are up for anything!


What has been the scariest experience your team has faced thus far?

We haven’t had just one location or thing that has scared all of us thus far. It’s been individual. Anissa’s scariest experience has been hearing her name come across the digital recorder. She gets her name come across at multiple locations. It’s not a common name either so that bothers her even more. Lesa’s scariest experience was at Prospects place. It was very active the night we were there and multiple things were happening. She even captured what looked like an apparition on her camera when we were investigating in the basement! My scariest experience would have to be that I get physically affected at multiple locations. My hair often gets touched, I have had difficulty breathing or just touched in general! I almost always get evp’s that validate when I ask if I was touched and have even got evp’s that tells me the persons name. If I had to pick one location that I have been psychically affected at and it has really scared me is the Randolph County Infirmary! I had trouble breathing to the point I had to walk outside. It felt like someone knocked the wind out of me and it happened more than once.


Tell us about your Youtube Channel? Girls Of The Dark – Youtube

We decided we would start up a YouTube channel to document our experiences. We usually only put out a 5 min videos that shows a recap of what we have captured during our investigation. We love sharing our experiences and evidence with others! Plus it’s rare to find an all female paranormal group put out YouTube videos and we love to share what’s it’s like when it’s only women investigating.


How can Girls Of The Dark be contacted if someone needs your help?

We can be contacted by direct messaging us on FB. Just search Girls Of The Dark on FB and you will find us or direct messaging us on Twitter @GirlsOfTheDark. We typically respond to messages the same day we receive them!


Any words of advice?

Stay open minded and be patient. Sometimes you investigate for hours until you get activity and the activity may only last a few minutes. It’s hit or miss when it comes to investigating. Of course believe in the power of prayer. You can never be too careful! You never know what you are making contact with.



Girls of the Dark


Girls of the Dark 1


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