Paranormal Investigative Equipment: What’s Your Pick?

There are so many different types of equipment that one can use while conducting a paranormal investigation, even supposedly fully equipped ghost hunting kits that claim to have everything one needs. Interesting…. do these kits come with an unlimited supply of batteries? Ghosts are known to drain batteries for the energy. So, if these kits don’t come with batteries, they’re not fully equipped now are they? Just a random thought… 😉

Anywho, the pieces of equipment that an investigator can add to his/her collection can be quite impressive to say the least. The technology and research required to create such devices go way beyond my level of education. Such devices like a full spectrum digital camera that can be used to capture videos and photos. Another one is the Ghost Box Ovilus that “converts environmental readings into real words”. Then, there are Rem Pods that detect energy disturbances and fluctuations. And, there’s even digital thermometers that are created to locate temperature changes. The list goes on and on with the various tools that one can use in hunting the paranormal. Pendulums and divining rods are a couple of other ones as well. The routine and methods used are as unique as the investigator conducting the investigation.

Here is where I want some interaction. From you, the daring individuals who aren’t afraid to go out and search for the unknown. Tell me, share with us all, what’s YOUR favorite piece of equipment to use while investigating the spectral realm? And why?




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14 thoughts on “Paranormal Investigative Equipment: What’s Your Pick?

  1. I bought an emf reader and a dvr just to see what they are. I had these old business books that would move. I thought that’s what I would check the first time I used it. The emf went crazy around the books and I could only take a picture of the lighted meter going off. I’ve never went hunting, they mostly come to me.

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  2. It seemed to be just one book. I’m desensitized by things to the point they’re just everyday occurrences and not out of the ordinary. I just straighten when I walk past now.

    I left these two posts up.

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  3. I’m not very conversant on the technical side of ghost-hunting but I would use a meter to sense subtle fluctuations in electricity, or electric fields– or audio abnormalities as this stuff is very subtle, like phenomena from another world. It”s like looking through a window into a subtler form of existence as it may not leave many obvious traces for us to follow. It’s like you’re tracking a shadow or reflection of something not of our world and barely discernible. Intuition is probably the best tracker of all– “how it feels”.

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  4. Great article, Sheila. :thumbs up: My personal favorite where equipment is concerned is the voice recorder. In my opinion, it provides the most compelling possibilities because you can actually hear with your ears sounds that don’t fit with the environment (evp – electronic voice phenomena). Cameras are awesome for the video aspect of things, but there are too many possible causes for the appearance of some things some might deem paranormal but others would attribute to (for example) dust. So, for me, the voice recorder is the most reliable tool in my arsenal. I could go on, but I’ll stop now. 😀

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  5. When I used to go out I took a digital camera, a Sony Handicam (that recorded on tape, remember those?!) and a voice recorder that also recorded on tape. That’s all I need. And batteries of course lol. If I had the money I wouldn’t go beyond getting an HD camcorder and camera, and a digital voice recorder. That’s all I prefer to take out. Maybe a flashlight just in case, but I never use them.

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