The Figurines

When I was growing up, in my family’s home we had a china cabinet with glass doors and three shelves on the top level. On the bottom level was a wooden section with doors that could be used for storing small things. This attractive piece of furniture was full of delicate chinaware and other ornate objects that had been collected throughout the years. I remember white dishes beautifully decorated with red intricate design and on the center shelf, just about at eye level, sat two pilgrim looking figurines. One boy and one girl that held primitive fishing poles in their hands. My mother had them proudly displayed facing out for all to see.

So, what’s the significance of these two commonly dressed figurines and why did they make such a lasting impression in my memory? It wasn’t due to their simplicity, nor that my mother cherished them, but rather it was because of what occurred randomly without explanation.

As I said earlier, the boy and girl figurines would always be displayed facing out, but on occasion without any definable reasoning, we would find these two turned completely around, facing inward with their backs to us. Upon questioning, no one knew how it happened. At first, we basically brushed it off until it happened a few more times. It wasn’t a nightly thing, not even something that we would wake up to on a daily basis, but it still happened and we were totally baffled by it.

We tried debunking the phenomenon by coming up with plausible rationalizations, but nothing proved conclusive as far as logic could explain. The boy and girl figurines would be perfectly placed looking outward, but for some strange reason, we would randomly awake to them turned backwards as if on purpose. And each time it happened, never a sound was heard, nor did the atmosphere change. Also, no one was ever afraid, nor felt any kind of malevolence.

We did not live in a haunted house, let me make that clear, but those two figurines simply could not be explained. Perhaps it was a simple gesture from the other side with just enough presence to make itself known…


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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.





18 thoughts on “The Figurines

  1. I heard many stories like this on dolls or puppets, or figurines or statues. It was not long ago that in the museum that an ancient Egyptian figure that spins around every second of the day slowly and caught on camera alive.

    Who knows what kind of life do they have in them? …

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  2. Stories like these remind me of Toy Story. Some days things seem to move in my dads village. I’ll find a toy knocked over or a car some wheres else. The village is set up in an 1890’s home, so maybe the sixteen year old who died there plays with it at night?

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  3. Many figurines seem to have an inherent personality or energy. As you suggest that might be either positive or negative. Why? I really don’t know. Maybe it comes from the owner/s? Anyway I like the story and I have a similar display cabinet. Cheers

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  4. Sheila, maybe spirits settle in inanimate objects in order to feel as if they have substance. Have you ever walked by a manikin in a busy department store and felt like there was someone(living and solid) standing there? I have. One time I accidentally bumped into a manikin and apologized before I realized what I was doing.

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  5. Sheila- This sounds like you had a good soul just teasing you so you would take notice. If the atmosphere had changed, or the figures were broken or thrown, you would be having it from the bad ones. The good souls come and go thru our lives , mostly without our noticing them. I like your writing style and your story. 🙂

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  6. Sheila, I had this very thing happen to me a few years ago while living in a rental property. I have an antique oak and glass cabinet with lots of collectibles kept locked safely inside and I never leave the brass key in it. Everything was normal until I purchased two Chinese red standing Buddhas, each about six inches tall from an antique shop. I placed them in the cabinet facing out like all the other objects. Next morning the one on the left side had spun completely around, facing backwards. This went on for about three years, the object spinning around at least once a week with me always unlocking the case and putting it back facing forward. I even tried moving the object to different shelves in the cabinet. Same result. I even placed the other Buddha where the turning one was but it remained stationary. I have since moved and learned that the people who lived in the house before me were killed in a murder, suicide. No idea if that fact is relevant to my spinning Buddha but worth mentioning. My cabinet and objects have been here in my new home for two years now and nothing has moved, everything seems ordinary. Just wanted to share that with you.

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    • Thank you for sharing, Jack! Wasn’t it odd to see your Buddha turned like that? Perhaps it was because of the murder, suicide that happened there.

      Every time we saw our figurines turned, it was so strange. At first, we thought a family member was playing with us, but everyone swore that no one was doing it. Perhaps it was one of our family members, just not a living one. My mom told me that the pilgrim figurines once belonged to a great aunt who had passed away (in another state) many years ago…. maybe it was her in our situation.

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  7. I hate reading because of my dyslexia and it takes forever because I have to go slow. Thank you making me slowdown.

    I always enjoy your perspective that you bring to what you write. Thank you for sharing the ride and making me slowdown to enjoy it to it’s fullest.

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