My Aversion with the Ouija Board

More than two decades have passed since the night I played with the infamous Ouija Board. Thinking back, not really sure what was going through my head and what prompted me to attempt such nefarious communication. Perhaps the notion could have been given credit due to the thought of innocent play, but after witnessing a few things, there was nothing innocent proven about it.

It was at night and I was with two others. We were just three teenagers looking for something to do and there were no adults around. So, we lit some candles in the room we were in and also in the room next to us. The atmosphere was all aglow with amber lighting as we readied the spirit board. Once the planchette was placed, we silenced our speech and cleared our minds. With our fingers on the communicative tool, we asked our first question, “is there anyone here?”. Moments passed and nothing happened. We were patient and asked again. That’s when the planchette moved. Even though the movement was slight, it was still quite detected. Of course, we asked each other who was causing the action, but we all vowed that we weren’t responsible.

The room was beginning to feel a bit tense, but we decided to continue. We asked a few more questions like, “who are you?” and “when did you die?”…. the typical questions of curiosity. What we got in response seemed innocent enough. We were told that the spirit was a female who had died many years prior in a train wreck. That’s when I started to feel uneasy because we were at home, way out in the country and there weren’t any train tracks around for many miles.

Then, we asked if the spirit was there to cause us any harm and we were told “no”. After that, we proceeded to ask if the spirit ever thought about coming back as a living person in the form of reincarnation. It replied that it already had done that, meaning that it had already been reborn.

Our hearts raced and the looks on our faces were of shock and confusion, but we continued by asking “who have you been reincarnated into?” It answered with the name of an individual with whom I hold very, very dear…. someone that I knew in fact had not been inhabited by the spirit. We questioned the spirit on how it could have been reincarnated as someone we knew among the living, if they were communicating with us by use of the Ouija Board. A long, awkward pause lingered. There was no response through the planchette, but a candle that was sitting very securely in the center of a table in the next room, all of a sudden fell over, making a loud noise. There was no explanation to how the candle could have fallen because we were all three hovering over the spirit board and there was no one else in the house.

As frightened as we were, we asked the spirit one last question, “did you cause the candle to fall over?” It’s reply was, “yes”.

Immediately, we stopped playing with the Ouija Board and quickly put it away. The remainder of the night we stayed wide awake, too scared to sleep. To this day I don’t know what ever happened to that Ouija Board and I don’t really care, but I do know one thing for certain and that is…… I will never mess with a spirit board ever again.


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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.




19 thoughts on “My Aversion with the Ouija Board

  1. Years ago, my friends and I tried the board and even though none of us were fooling around? the spirit we called on refused to stop answering, some months later we mixed the group up and again it was the same spirit ugh

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  2. Wow-that’s scary. I read a book once based on a true story called “Conjuring up Philip”. It was about a group of people who conducted an experiment to create a ghost or poltergeist. It was a long time ago, but I want to say they used a Ouija Board to help them. I thought it was really good. You can still order it on Amazon, I think.

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    • They can be closed but its a very tough thing to do. Even when the rituals are done properly. It still depends alot on the strengths and beliefs of the one trying to close it. And it can only be permanently. Closed by the ones who opened it.
      Any variables in their resolve can change the outcome.
      Its a realy task but it can be done.

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  3. The problem with spirit boards is they open a doorway. Leaving us with no way to know for sure who or what comes through. And a evil spirit will lie as good as any living person. And in some cases even reveal private information.

    As they could have been watching and learning from the otherside for sometime before the board bridged the gap between their realm and ours.

    These boards even the parker brothers ones are not toys or games. And unfortunatly most of us including myself find this out the hard way.

    Great read as always Sheila hopefully others will see it and heep the warnings of experience.

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  4. Back in the college days we had an Ouija board as well, but nothing happen when we play it over and over again. But the one time a friend of mine was playing a joke on drawing a gigantic symbol of Key of Solomon in the mid of our room and there were like six of us – the other three were from the opposite room. They just want to have fun, they said – and so they did.

    At that time I just finished taking a shower and return to the room on time when they just finished the drawing. They asked me if Iwant to join and told them ‘no’. They think I am chicken and I told them do not use that symbol and asking them in return if they know what it means. Ouija boared is calling out spirit but that symbol of Solomom is for summoning the demon or the devil, and trapped them in it. If they managed somehow, I ask them how would they get rid of the demon later without them being harm or possess by it.

    I remembered they were screaming that one time while playing their game and I remembered teh Ouija board was like spining in the middle of the symbol. That was frightening.

    Later they all got ill for weeks and someone advised them to go to the church nearby. Whatever happen to them later, I don’t know. It was the last week of college and I’ve returned home already. I only know that one of them were followerd by something she can’t really see but it is always there with here at home – she always got ill all the time for months, I think.

    Until today, that experience frightens me. I am not sure what will happen to me if I did agree to play along … :/

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  5. Never tried a Ouija Board – too chicken. I’m afraid I would do something I couldn’t undo. We used to spend a lot of time trying to levitate each other during sleepovers back in the seventies. We would also hold séances but all of this stuff really made me nervous, in fact it still does. I wouldn’t even say Bloody Mary – three times in the mirror – what if it really came true?

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  6. Just wondering if you asked your friend if she was an astral traveller as that is also a big possibility besides ghosts. If we let fear consume us, we could all end up terrified of one another because of our differences. Let compassion be your guide.

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  7. I dig it.

    The one time I screwed around with one of those I was in Tech School in MS in 92 and a buddy said he knew a powerful spirit he could summon.

    As long as I was in the room the thing kept shooting off the board. It wouldn’t talk until I left the room.

    I remember challenging in my thoughts whatever he was trying to summon to go for it and come on through that I wasn;t afraid and the pointer would just shoot of the board.

    Tried it one other time a couple years ago and realized If they really want to talk to me they jump in me as a medium. And as an Empath I have gotten my emotional translations down to be able to pick up their emotional language. Though I typically deal with the living spirit and it is rare I deal with the ones waiting for new bods. I get some family members here and there, but mainly its hard to explain.

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  8. By the time I entered my science graduate degree, I was told with authoritative certainty that there was no such thing as a realm where spirit personalities resided and communicated with the living, and that Ouija Boards all served to employ the ideomotor reflex. Period. I envisioned these massive conclusive scientific studies where PhD’s in psychology dutifully conducted Ouija board tests, with subjects hooked up to Clinical Neurology sensor arrays all calibrated and supervised by technicians like Steven Novella. I was to memorize this response and keep it handy for anyone who asked stupid questions; like those about Ouija Boards.

    But as it turned out, the so called ‘scientific study’ based conclusions about the Ouija Board were all just made up. There were professional placeholder fraud. No science had been done at all, and conclusions about the device were simply wishful thinking on the part of those who pretended to represent science. Fortunately I had had several Ouija sessions myself during my youth. As a budding scientist even then, I could aver that the violent, articulate and dynamic assertions of the planchette (or its host), were not created by me, nor by my sobbing and terrified female co-participant.

    The angry communicant on the other side called us ignorant, ran the planchette so fast that it slammed into the wall several times, and then cussed at us in old world lingo, repeatedly. Using words I had to look up to find the meaning to. After getting it to calm down, and understand that we were just kids, it finally told us its name, and life story. We thanked it – and moved on. But I never forgot the details of its claim to identity and lifestory. An individual of whom I had never heard of before that time.

    Years later I looked up this individual whom the ‘spirit’ claimed to be. The peculiar name was exact, the occupation, the home town, the lifestyle, the family conflict and even the cause of death, were ALL EXACTLY CORRECT, to every detail.

    But I am too skeptical and smart to believe in this sort of thing. You know?

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