Interview with Steve Di Schiavi

Today I’m welcoming Steve Di Schiavi, co-host of The Travel Channel’s exciting show, The Dead Files. Thank you, Steve for stopping by!


Sheila ~ Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Steve ~ I was born & raised in Brooklyn, NY to 1st generation Italian parents…I served 3 years in the USMC after being asked to leave HS.. lol, honorably discharged and joined the NYPD, spent almost 22 years retiring from the Manhattan North Homicide Squad…


Sheila~ How did you get to become the co-host of the hit television series, The Dead Files?

Steve ~ ABC News filmed a documentary called NYPD 24/7 that was acclaimed and won an Emmy.. I was the featured detective in the 1st executive saw it and I was asked if I would be interested in doing television…


Sheila ~ What’s it like working with Amy Allan?

Steve ~ She amazes me every week and it’s still hard for a man like me to understand her abilities, she’s amazing!


Sheila ~ What was the scariest location you’ve ever investigated?

Steve ~ I don’t ever get scared at a location, I’ve been thru to many horrors in real life to be afraid of a building…


Sheila ~ Prior to working on the show, did you ever have any encounters with the paranormal?

Steve ~ I have never and to this day still have not..


Sheila ~ Would you consider yourself a skeptic or a believer? Or perhaps a little bit of

Steve ~ I consider myself an open minded skeptic and am more a skeptic of people than the paranormal..

Sheila ~ How do you go about collecting the history of the potentially haunted locations? What steps do you take?

Steve ~ It’s a long process starting with a deed and chain of title search on the property, then research on those who lived and died there as well as the surrounding area..


Sheila ~ During your career as a homicide detective, what would you say was the most difficult part about your job?

Steve ~ I would say dealing with child deaths and notifying loved ones of a death…


Sheila ~ Are there any current or future projects that you’d like to share? What’s next for Steve Di Schiavi?

Steve ~ Right now concentrating on The Dead Files and helping as many as we can, hopefully for many years to come..


Sheila ~ Any words of wisdom for those who want to investigate the paranormal?

Steve ~ Not as far as paranormal investigating, but do your homework on the location and the people who call you in as well.. DO NOT BELIEVE everything they say…people tend to blame everything on the paranormal once they’ve had one experience..


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19 thoughts on “Interview with Steve Di Schiavi

  1. My husband and I love The Dead Files! The best we have found since Ryan and his team are no longer on the air. Great post and exciting for you, I bet! It would be great to hear from Amy too, together the two are awesome.

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  2. I know not of Dead Files and many of the US programes we can get here in Germany as to be seen in Youtube. So, much of the paranormal or ghostly programes I can watch it over there. This is pretty interesting that I want to see this. Speaking on scary building, there is this film about the house of the family being haunted by a witch’s ghost in the film “Conjuring” – either it is fake or not, but hell that movie scares the hell out of me like the classical “Exorcist” or “Poltergeist”. Later when I watched the film on “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” had me sleepless nights for weeks on after that. LOL

    My friends asked me how come I can write ghost stories without being afraid? I told them the secret to be a ghost writer is that to be scared yourself because that is when you at best to being creative. How can anyone write a ghost story without knowing on how to be frightened?

    Would you agree with me, Sheila? 🙂

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  3. I think no matter our path, we all need to ask questions, instead of taking everything at face value. No matter what I’ve seeen over the years, my ‘human’ brain still queries it, and as we’re down here; having a human experience, I guess I’ll always be looking for more answers.

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  4. i would like to thank you for dropping by to have a read…
    Being gifted is a curse, people continue asking, while i don’t like to use for fear of doing the wrong thing..
    in the beginning it seem like a game, now it scares the hell out of me…

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    My favorite person in the paranormal community is Steve Di Schiavi of Dead Files. Here is an interview conducted by fellow blogger and author Sheila Renee Parker. Check it out!


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