Ghostly double seen

Harbinger of doom they say

Be safe, keep away!

*** “Doppelganger” : Sketch by Sheila Renee Parker. *** 


8 thoughts on “Doppelganger

  1. Doppelganger…so interesting…and love the picture! I’ve never seen mine, but I think there is one in our town…several people have told me they’ve seen me, when I wasn’t anywhere near where they were…and one lady insisted I was this other person, and kept calling me by her name (not mine) …just too weird!

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      • It would be pretty freaky to see another me…I suppose twins get used to it, though. I’ve written a couple of posts about doppelgangers, and how it actually could be we’re looking at our own selves, except in a parallel universe, or another dimension…just a little out of sync to our here and now reality. Whatever it is, I do believe we all have one…somewhere!

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