“Flying High… Huey Style!!”

Hey, hey, hey all you most fabulous people!! The sun is shining…. ’tis gorgeous outside and what a great day to be alive!! Hope you’re feeling those positive vibes and are making the best of this phenomenal moment!!

Wanted to share with you all something exciting that I got to experience a couple of weeks ago. I was at an AOPA event (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) where small aircrafts were put on display to help educate the public in regards to general aviation. Small aircrafts such as planes and helicopters were proudly showcased, and we wouldn’t dare leave out one of my faves that was also at the event….. the Huey!!! The Friends of Army Aviation-Ozark (FAA-O) was the organization there offering Huey rides.

I had the amazing opportunity to meet many people from the organization. They were such a great group, extremely personable with a wealth of aviation knowledge and when they offered me a ride up in the Huey, I immediately accepted without any hesitation! As I’m always saying…. “No Fear!” 

After a brief orientation on the importance of safety and how the flight would go, the small group that I was with boarded the helicopter. Once the Huey’s crew safely made sure we were all secured, the helicopter began to take flight. Yes, the helicopter was loud as the propeller roared above, but I have to be honest with you, it was still such a peaceful ride. It lasted around ten – twelve minutes. The view from the Huey to down below was ever so breathtaking as we neared the beautiful Gulf Coast. The sun beamed on the water causing bright reflections in the waves. Of course, I took several photos and even a short video to capture the moment the best that I could.

The flight gave me all the more respect for our brave soldiers who proudly serve in the military, for without them, we as civilians wouldn’t get to experience life with the freedom that we’re bestowed.


So, I’m taking this moment (and in honor of Veterans Day which is in two days here in the United States) to say a BIG THANK YOU to our military for all that you do!!! You are loved and respected in so many ways!!!


Below are photos, including a video that I took from the awesome Huey ride!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


Love & Light,

~ Sheila





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