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Handmade Jewelry. Natural Stones. Glass Beads.

Meet Clay and Sheila Parker! A husband and wife team who are devoted to creating beautiful handmade jewelry with carefully selected natural stones and glass beads. Together they design bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and so much more!

Their mission is to help you bring forth your inner light while you embrace your sense of empowerment, assisting you with the look of greatness while your destiny unfolds into something phenomenal!

Feel the Magic.
Manifest the Dream.
Be the Reality!

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Clay Parker


Truly passionate about the natural stones he chooses, Clay’s one of a kind jewelry pieces are beautifully designed to help enhance the wearer’s well-being. His selection is carefully chosen to ensure that each item is of the finest quality!

Sheila Renee Parker


Creating beautiful jewelry isn’t the only thing that Sheila’s passionate about, she’s also an author, artist & empath. Her popular blog & speaking events delve deeply into the realm of the unknown! Visit her paranormal site at sheilareneeparker.com!

Clay and Sheila Parker


By day, they love to create unique jewelry and by night, they love to investigate the ghostly realm of the supernatural! Combined, they’ve investigated some of the most haunted locations in the U.S.! Afraid of spooks? These two definitely are not!

CSParkerJewelry on Etsy! Handmade Jewelry. Natural Stones. Glass Beads.