Witch Upon A Star

I am very happy to introduce my special creation, “Witch Upon A Star”!


(“Witch Upon A Star” ~ handmade by Sheila Renee Parker available @ sheilareneeparker.com)


Each one of these beauties has been affectionately made by my own hands using nothing but natural materials. In the center hangs a charming stone such as Amethyst, or Rose Quartz, or Green Aventurine (just to name a few examples). And with each star comes a sweet description briefly explaining what the stone represents.

The size of an individual star varies, but roughly is around 8 in. by 8 in. Each “Witch Upon A Star” is unique because it is specially handmade, meaning that there are no two exactly alike.

*** Note: Every star with stone is lovingly, yet randomly, selected upon each order. ***

U. S. and international orders are gladly welcomed and payments are accepted via PayPal.

U. S. orders are $20.00 each (price includes shipping and handling).

International orders are $25.00 each (price includes shipping and handling).

Remember, when you “Witch Upon A Star”….. magic happens! 😉


~ Love & Light, Sheila



If you would like to order your very own “Witch Upon A Star” simply contact me @





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