Created with ❤️

Created these beautiful, yet simple bangle bracelets with memory wire and beads.

Having neuropathy problems have caused mobility and dexterity issues with my hands.. not to mention the pain and random numbness that can make my fingers lock up… which have all really put a burden on the jewelry making that I so love to do. Sadly, I can no longer create certain types of jewelry like I did in the past. Making things with toggles and clasps have become rather difficult for me to do.

So, I have discovered the simple technique with memory wire when creating bracelets. There are no troublesome toggles or clasps to bother with…. and to put them on the wrist is much easier than the previous styles that I once created.

These simple bracelets may not be as elaborate as the ones I used to make, but they help me express my creative side. 😊

Life is what we make it!

Stay blessed and remember, you are all loved!

~ Sheila 💋


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