“Spooky Random Fact: #16”

“Spooky Random Fact: #16”

Do you have a fear of ghosts, anything ghoulish that goes bump in the night and causes fright?

Well, if you do, then don’t worry because millions of others do, too. It’s a very common fear known as “phasmophobia”. The word “phasmos” derives from the Greek language referring to “phantom” or “supernatural being”. It’s also known as “spectrophobia”. “Spectrum” is Latin referring to a specter, or an image of a thing, or an apparition.

Symptoms of phasmobia can typically be found in most disorders that lead to anxiety. A sufferer can go through feelings of dread, rapid heartbeat, panic attacks, also nausea and severe vomiting. It’s even been reported that a person suffering from phasmosphobia can develop OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) in order to conduct rituals to negate any kind of ghostly presence.

Is there treatment for such a phobia? Read more at Phasmophobia: A Ghostly Fear





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9 thoughts on ““Spooky Random Fact: #16”

  1. Generally, no. But I do get a bit nervous when I spend the night somewhere that “might” be haunted. I can sleep, but when I need to get up at night to go to the restroom, I try to get there and back as quickly as possible without looking around, and I especially don’t look in mirrors! 😉

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  2. The only ghosts that I have actually seen were people I knew, so I had no fear of them. It was more of a “Oh, it’s you! Aren’t you dead?” sort of encounter. I do not think I would fear ghostly “strangers”. “Cat” ghosts I have not seen, but I am certain I have felt and heard them. Again, these were cats I knew.

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