“Share Your Ghostly Tale!”

“Share Your Ghostly Tale!”

Got a ghostly tale to tell? Then, share it here for all to read!

There’s a new page I created here on sheilareneeparker.com that has been created solely for you! We want to hear all about your paranormal experiences whether they are good, bad, funny or creepy. Remember, this is an open-minded site, so please feel free and don’t be shy to tell us your tale!

To have your experience published, simply submit it below and I will personally publish it on the new page, “Share Your Ghostly Tale!” ….. and that’s it! Can’t wait to hear about what you’ve encountered!!!

~ Love & Light, Sheila


(Sheila Renee Parker: Author. Artist. Empath.)


12 thoughts on ““Share Your Ghostly Tale!”

  1. My wife, who is skeptical of ghosts, hauntings, etc… shared this with me last weekend. When she first started showing real estate, she was going to show an “old, beautiful home on a hill” that was someone else’s listing. From the outside, she really liked the house. She unlocked it to go in, turn on lights, and get it ready for showing. But when she was inside, she said she got a terrible feeling and became almost panicky. She went outside to wait for the customers, and stayed close to them during the showing. She had no idea why she had that reaction. Several months later, she found out the house had been an old funeral home.

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