A Grave Attraction

Hmmm…. The fascination of cemeteries, graves, headstones, gargoyles…. etc. etc…. To many, they are quite attracted to such places. Why? Well, to me (and yes, I am one of those who find these macabre locations to be rather intriguing.) there’s something serene about the atmosphere. I am at such peace when I am at a cemetery. Which, if one truly thinks about it, should be comforting to know that the dead are “resting in peace”. After all, I am an empath and can feel the deceased’s energy. 😉

Now that’s not to say that nefarious beings don’t lurk around in these places. All I’m saying is that I am never afraid while I’m in a cemetery. And then again, I’m always saying “no fear” when I publicly talk about the supernatural. Only because I faced my fears of the paranormal many years ago (from seeing shadow people to having a horrible Ouija Board experience), which is why I no longer am afraid. And I honestly believe that the main reason why I am not afraid of graveyards, is because that was actually the first location I had anything otherworldly happen to me. Previously, I wrote an article about it titled, “My First Paranormal Experience”. I was a very small child, and even though I was as young as I was, the experience was extremely comforting to me. I was so fascinated by it that it has always remained with me after all these years.

Getting back to the morbid curiosity of cemeteries. There is actually a name for this referred to as coimetromania. According to an online definition, it’s simply defined as “An abnormal attraction to and desire to visit cemeteries.” There are many, many people with this interest. And I’m sure that with each individual, their reasoning is just as unique as they are.

Just like those who love the final resting places of our beloved, there are many, many people who are terrified by cemeteries. Those who have this fear have coimetrophobia, which is referred to as “The abnormal and persistent fear of cemeteries.” Three years ago I wrote an article about this phobia titled, “A Grave Fear”. As much as I love graveyards, I personally do know some people who won’t even go near the places. And that in itself I find interesting… how people can be from one extreme to the other. Guess it’s all in part of how we as individuals can be as remarkable as we are!

I’m interested in how you feel about the topic? Are you intrigued by coimetromania or do you suffer from coimetrophobia? Or are you indifferent about it? I’d love to hear what you think!!


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34 thoughts on “A Grave Attraction

  1. I suppose I have never given the topic much thought. The paranormal has been such an everyday thing to me my entire life. I happen to love cemeteries, particularly the old ones. I love the history and elegance of the ones which are a century or more old. There are two cemeteries near my home (across the road from one another) which I love to drive by because I can see Spirits hanging out in the cemeteries as I go by. Now, there is something I really cannot relate to because I have no intention of hanging out in one particular place once I get out of here. Too much to do and see!

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  2. I grew up with a cemetery across the street and another at the corner. They were playgrounds for neighborhood kids and great places to play hide-and-seek! The cemetery at the corner was also great for after dinner walks with our mom. Many notable persons from history like cereal magnates Kellogg and Post, and Sojourner Truth are interred there and made for great history walks. Never occurred to us to be afraid.

    Although…the cemeteries, combined with our rather loud cold water pipes during Michigan winters may have been the basis for a prank…or six on cousins and friends during sleepovers! 😀

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  3. Cemeteries are practically kept up so well, it reminds me of a visit to the local park. I kinda like it, actually. P.S. Wanted to provide a link to a song entitled “Buried Alive” by VENOM. Muffled through the enclosed coffin, the sound of a minister reciting The Lord’s Prayer and spade-full’s of dirt shoveled-down into the burial pit. (Pretty cool) The song begins with a kind of subterranean vibe any teenage metal-head would imagine in his shut-in bedroom, contemplating the mysteries. Link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc7xLNR97YM

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  4. I never knew there was a term for being attracted to cemeteries. I used to be really scared of them as a child. I used to get dragged there by my parents to visit the graves of relatives who had passed. It terrified me. But a few years ago, we once again went to pay homage, and instead of being scared, instead decided to have a little talk with each of the relatives I had known, thanking them for some kindness they had shown me. I thanked a Great Aunt for teaching me to play Pontoon, a Great Uncle for giving me Lucozade when I was poor, my Grandmother for doing jigsaws with me and giving me cocoa at bed time. Suddenly I was no longer afraid and instead felt a warmth toward these people that I’d known, and toward the others lying there who had been loved and known by someone else.

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  5. Dear Sheila: good morning and thanks for this great article. I also share that fascination with the cemeteries, which should be considered as a resting place for our loved ones and not like some creepy place to be avoided. As a practicing Catholic, I visit them with my family members to honour those that made our lives possible. As a tourist, I visit them regularly, tbe last one being the “Cementerio de la Recoleta” with my children. And as a novelist I use them for my plot, like the “Cimitero San Michele” in Venice. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

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