Poltergeist: The “Noisy Ghost”



It’s been quite a while, but in the past I discussed two different types of hauntings known as intelligent and residual hauntings. An intelligent haunting is that of a spirit interaction with a conscious energy, whereas a residual haunting is energy that has been “recorded” from the past.

Ok, so what’s a poltergeist you ask? Well, the word “poltergeist” is German and loosely translates to meaning “noisy ghost”. I suppose you could say it’s similar to that of an intelligent haunting because it does interact with the living whereas a residual haunting is composed of “left-over” energy that’s a repetitive playback of itself. Poltergeist activity is quite often thought to be the work of malicious spirits wanting to wreak havoc upon the living. Many people have reported crazy things happening, like personal items being misplaced without plausible reason. Example: Wrist watches being left on a nightstand before falling deep into slumber only to awake to them being mysteriously relocated to another part of the house or lights flickering, television sets turning on by themselves, doors opening and closing, etc. etc. On a more frightening note, poltergeists have been known to be more physical in nature, inflicting pain like hair being pulled, poking or jabbing and even scratching people. The list of poltergeist activity can be very extensive and seem almost “made-up”, but accounts like these and many others date back centuries, coming from stories of old. They are not to be taken lightly and can be quite detrimental for anyone involved. People of all religions and spiritual paths have experienced such encounters.

A common belief claims that poltergeists are demons or “evil ghosts” that possibly are here to torment the living. An alternate belief claims that the origin of poltergeists actually derives from the individual experiencing it. For instance, a severely depressed person who harbors a lot of pinned up pain and frustration. Unfortunately, the saddened individual can often get so wrapped up in their own depression, that whatever negative energies they have can unconsciously project outward, out of the person’s psyche and body and manifest into something malevolent, thus taking on it’s own consciousness. And by this happening, this newly formed entity can form what is known as a spirit attachment to the living individual who is being haunted.

Parapsychologists believe that poltergeist activity can be explained by a phenomenon known as psychokinesis which is an alleged psychic ability that allows an individual to influence a physical system without physical interaction. However, there is no proven evidence that validates the existence of psychokinesis.




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10 thoughts on “Poltergeist: The “Noisy Ghost”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful and informative piece! I have had things disappear from where I placed them, fly off tables, move before my eyes, etc. I do not, however, call this a poltergeist. I call this “my son” who likes to tease his mother from time to time. I do believe there are actual poltergeists and I think the explanation of severe depression may be the best explanation. I have often heard that this phenomena is most common with young teens. Have you heard this and what are your thoughts? I really do not know much about poltergeists.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! I am so sorry for the loss of your son… but to know that he is with you, playfully, is a comfort, I’m sure. 🙂

    I have also heard that the phenomena is most common with young teens, however I have heard many cases of older individuals (well into their age) that have unfortunately dealt with it as well. I once went to an individual’s home (who was head of their household). This person had reached out to me for help with their paranormal activity, so I went to their residence. I’m an empath and before I had even arrived at their house, I started feeling the negative energy that was plaguing them. When I got to their home, the amount of malevolent energy that I felt grew even more intense. There was also a lot of personal anguish this person was going through that I believe aided in the individual’s poltergeist activity.

    I cleansed the home to the best of my ability and advised the homeowner of what else they needed to do to rid their well-being and property of the negative entity.

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  3. I know someone that has had a poltergeist issue in their home. The poltergeist would move the same chair in front of the fireplace all the time. Also, the poltergeist put it’s hand on the shoulder of the man living in the home one time. The homeowner believes the reason for the poltergeist is that his home is possibly build on an Indian burial ground. He was advised to go to a store that sells Indian herbs. He went there and got some herbs for spiritual cleansing of the home The first cleansing worked for a year or so before the poltergeist became active again. He did another cleansing and no problems thus far. I don’t mess with Indian burial grounds when I see them. Matter of fact I observe them but stay at a distance. I have visited a house in Savannah, GA that has a ton of paranormal activity. I have pictures of many orbs and orbs in the process of manifesting. I know now that I can feel it if there are spirits around like that. I don’t need to do anymore research. Also, I don’t advise being on anything, like alcohol, that breaks down your spiritual guard when you go to those places. I have pictures of those orbs trying to attach themselves to people and I don’t have any doubt that they might go home with you. It is pretty spooky stuff!

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    • It definitely is spooky! Thank you for sharing! And I agree with you, I believe that alcohol and such, can interfere with one’s spiritual guard. The paranormal can be quite dangerous.


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