This next topic is often bit of a controversial one due to different beliefs. It is never my intent to offend anyone with what I write, but I do believe that having an opened mind is key to understanding the unknown.

Now, the subject of reincarnation is one that I find to be extremely interesting. Do I believe in it? Absolutely, 100%! What exactly is reincarnation? It’s when a spirit/ soul is born again. After an individual dies, their spirit/ soul is reincarnated into another living body. A “rebirth”. Many believe that the reason for this is to learn from one lifetime to another, taking with us knowledge that will help us to achieve higher wisdom.

As crazy as it may sound, I actually have memories of some of the past lives that I’ve lived. These memories (as few as they are) are as clear as the ones that I have from this life. I know this sounds absurd, but I have strong connections with the eras from which my recollections come.

For instance, a couple of years ago I was at a book signing for my novel, The Spirit Within when I was approached by a lovely elderly woman (for which I wrote the article “A Curious Encounter”) who told me that she could “see” things that others couldn’t. Then, she proceeded to tell me that I used to be a white witch. I gently smiled at the beautiful face and replied, “I know” right before she walked away. And I honestly did know what she was talking about, even though to carry on such an intense conversation with her wouldn’t have been prudent at the time. However, I would have loved to have done so because she seemed truly inspiring.

But in regards to which she was referring to, I knew very well. It was late 1600’s, time of the witch trials. I was a single female in my mid- twenties and considered a healer among the community. I don’t remember exactly how it all transpired, but I was eventually wrongfully accused of working with dark magic. My last memory? Hanging in the tree just before I died and looking down at all the ones who sought out my help before the panic of ignorance changed their minds. I also remember my clothing, down to the very minute detail, from my brown dress to my shoes and even my long hair.

Then, there was the life when I was a male soldier in the U.S. Army during World War II. I have such a strong attachment to that time, including the music for which I absolutely love! I died after being shot out in the field. It was pouring down rain, my Army fatigues were soaked and muddied, and I fell face first into a fox hole where I drowned in a deep puddle.

There are a few more memories I have, including when I was a very caring nurse in a hospital at the turn of the 1900’s. These are all pretty intense memories, but they’re definitely mine. If you have any recollections of reincarnation, I’d love to hear about them. Let’s open up and share!



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21 thoughts on “Reincarnation

  1. This is an amazing post! I love how detailed your memories are. I would like to get to a point like that. I know have had many lives, and I know a few of the eras, ones that I was always drawn to, in places I was always drawn to. I have had a couple vivid memories, also related to being a witch. My best friend and I were talking once and recalled dancing in the forest together. Then I went to a psycchic and asked about my past lives with various people I know and she told me my friend and I were witches who danced in the forest. So fabulous! I have been able to see a few memories through meditation and dreams, but I always long for more. Reincarnation is so fascinating to me! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Sheila, so good to see this blog by you … a woman with strong and informative feelings about past lives. I know that I have lived before, and I will live again when this life has fulfilled all I need to do and learn. If you get a chance, check out ,Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift, based on a past-life hypnotic regression. I was Annie in 1630-1648 Colonial America. I was dwarfed, slow in mental acuity, and lacking in the ability to relate to others. But Annie is also a beautiful, whimsical sprite with the blessings of telepathy, white-light healing, and the ability to communicate with animals and ethereal spirits, including the Mother Earth Goddess. Please check out my former life on amazon: B01N9NRYMU You will totally understand and fall in love with Annie!

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  3. Sheila, so good to see you writing and especially about past lives! Great information and in-depth feelings about your personal discoveries. I know that I have lived before and will live again after I fulfill and learn what I must in this incarnation. Please check out my latest book, Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift by Deborah A. Bowman, based on a hypnotic past-life regression. I was Annie, a dwarfed, slow-minded girl in the mid-1600s Colonial America. Annie is also telepathic, a white-light healer, and communicates with animals, ethereal spirits, and the Mother Earth Goddess. Check it out on amazon at B01N9NRYMU I think you will find it very much in agreement with your beliefs. There will be a generational sequel in 2018.

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  4. I, too, believe in reincarnation. It’s one way to explain why some seemingly good people have such terrible times. Karma from previous lives overspilling into the present one.

    I also believe in the evolution of souls. Perhaps all the souls were created at the beginning of time. All animals have souls. Even insects etc. These souls ‘grow’ with each life. More and more people are being born into the world and so they need souls.

    We have extinction of many species, and perhaps this is happening because those souls are required for the extra people. There also seem to be more people diagnosed with things like autism. Perhaps it’s more than just better diagnosis and understanding. Perhaps it’s souls that have been forced into human life before they are ready.

    I don’t have any direct memories of previous lives, but do feel affinity to places and music, and sometimes when I meet someone I feel an affinity with them.

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  5. I had a past life reading done. I was murdered a lot…one I was in a church and I had a sword thrust through my chest, another I was in India-like country, wearing a white sari and part of a street uprising–was killed during the uprising. I also had a memory of being a Native American, but out of respect for Native American culture (so I don’t appear to co-opt their culture), I won’t post up that so-called “memory” here. I had a “memory” pop up out of nowhere where I was a man being crucified, while I was on the massage table. Weird. But I will say I have a very vivid imagination–just a heads up (also a partially a skeptic :-)! )

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  6. I think I met somebody, once, that I might have known in a past life. Usually, though, I just take those experiences and put them into poems! #muse

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  7. Reblogged this on BowmanAuthor and Writer/Editor and commented:
    I just had to share the astute findings and expressive emotion on reincarnation. I believe, but then I looked in the mirror and saw myself as someone else. How can you doubt when facts come to you that you could not have known any other way? Sheila Renee Parker, author of The Spirit Within, a good author and amazing spiritualist who writes with confidence and grace. Ck out her blog and YA fiction, which is on I am proud to call her friend and associate author.

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  8. Love this article and I too am a firm believer of reincarnation, however, I’ve never had anything as memories of who or what I was. I would love to know though. My daughter when she was young told me about a past life she had even before she could understand what it really meant.

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  9. Amazing insight. I truly believe that reincarnation is a reality. There are just too many unexplained circumstances for it not to be a possibility after our shell of a body turns to dust. The soul remains for some more of those life lessons and experiences.

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  10. Reading people’s pasts in their auras is something I’ve been able to do since I was kid. Knowing my own pasts was also something that’s always been with me. Some of my pasts were: American Civil War, French Revolution, Pressed to death as a witch, WWII, Florida and NM American Natives, New England fisherman, pickpocket/conman in 1300 France, thespian/traveler early England/Wales, business man Japan, and a score more that would take forever to write out.

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