Interview with Wolf Paranormal Investigations

Today I’m welcoming the paranormal investigative team from Wolf Paranormal Investigations. Thanks everyone for stopping by!


Can you tell us a little about yourselves?

We are a small group of people in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who are dedicated to helping people find answers to their questions about what is going bump in the night in their homes and/or businesses.  We don’t get paid to do this; for all intents and purposes, we are, essentially, volunteers.  This means that if we’re called to a location too far away for us to return home the same night, we will ask for assistance with travel, fuel, and/or accommodations expenses, since all of our expenses are out of pocket.  We do accept donations, and we’re grateful for them, because they are what help us to get to those locations and to get the equipment and other resources that we need in order to do our jobs effectively.


How did you get into the paranormal? Was it because of interest or a personal experience?

A lifetime of unexplained events beginning from the age of two until today drove me, demanding more of me than I thought I could give, teaching me along the way that if I did nothing else of value in this life, the one thing I *would* do was to show people experiencing similar events that they were not and they are not alone in what they’re going through, that someone does understand and will do as much as is humanly possible to help them.


What type of places do you investigate?

We will investigate wherever we’re called.  We investigate homes, businesses, abandoned buildings (only with permission, though), and any other locations we might encounter in our daily lives that are reported to be haunted.  We do tend to stay away from locations that profit from being haunted, however. For example, some pubs that have long been reported as “haunted” are places we will stay away from, because those locations do make money from that reputation. Can you imagine being a pub owner making money from supposed ghosts hearing from us that we found answers to what people claim to see/hear/feel?


What methods do you use during your investigations and what’s your favorite piece of equipment?

We investigate using a variety of methods ranging from voice recorders and EMF readers (Electro-Magnetic Field detectors ) to Sensitives.  For example, Shae, our Occult specialist, is able to “read” energies in a location and determine whether it is male or female, adult or child, animal, or something else.  We have a small variety of equipment right now: voice recorders, digital still-photo cameras, a video camera, and a Mel Meter, which is essentially the same as an EMF detector, except that it reads temperature changes along with fluctuations in the EM field.  I personally don’t have a favorite piece of equipment, but I do tend to rely more strongly on the voice recorders, because they’re highly sensitive and can pick up sounds from quite a distance away.


Do you investigate the paranormal only in your local area or do you travel to other states as well?

Well, Canada has provinces instead of states, but currently, most of our investigations have been fairly close to home.  We have traveled to locations a couple of hours away from us, but as yet, that’s as far as we’ve gone.  If or when we are called to a location in a different province, and if there are no teams closer to the client, then of course we would make arrangements to get there.


What’s been the scariest location you’ve visited so far and why?

The scariest location… Hmm.  Well, I don’t know about “scary”, but Green Hill Mine in the Crowsnest Pass definitely had us on our toes!  The second night of our second investigation of the location resulted in all of us experiencing a sudden, very intense feeling that we had to get out of there or something very bad would happen.  Everything about that evening was somehow off – it’s difficult to describe it, but even the moon looked “off” in a weird kind of way…


Can you share with us some of your most compelling evidence captured such as EVPs or video footage?

The best EVP capture ever caught was actually caught in my own home, back in 2010.  The voice is male, and it very clearly says, “Good girl…”  Here is the video link if you’re interested in watching the clip, which I called “Sleeping With Ghosts” (note: the blog link near the end is no longer in effect):
The best video capture I’ve documented so far was, again, captured in 2010, in my own home, when a door closed by itself.  The video is called “Closing Doors”.  Here is the link if you’re interested in checking it out:


Would you consider yourselves skeptics as well as believers?

We see ourselves as “open-minded skeptics.”  This allows us to work from a perspective that demands concrete proof while still allowing for the possibility that what we may have seen/heard/felt may have been something without an immediate, logical explanation.


What’s your advice for those who want to become paranormal investigators?

For those who are interested in becoming paranormal investigators, there are a few very simple but critical things you need to know.  1. Forget everything you’ve seen on TV.  Most of the reality of this work is left on the cutting room floor during editing, and generally speaking, viewers are given only the investigations that provided at least one piece of possible “evidence.” The actual reality of this field is that we spend countless long, often tedious, mind-numbing hours reviewing and analyzing data. It’s exhausting, and nine out of ten times, we get nothing for our efforts.  Usually, it’s a one in 1000 chance that you’ll capture something genuinely unexplained either on audio or video.  2. *Never trespass!*  We cannot emphasize this strongly enough. It’s difficult enough to gain credibility and respect in this field; trespassing can not only be physically dangerous (e.g. in structurally unsound, abandoned buildings ), it also has the effect of painting the entire, global paranormal community with a very unpleasant, quite unfair brush.  If you don’t have permission, oh well. Too bad, so sad.  It’s that simple.  3.  Never investigate alone.  If you get hurt, you have no one to help you.  If something paranormal happens to you, you have no witnesses. Depending on the severity of physical injury, no back-up could cost you your life. For paranormal experiences, no witnesses means no credibility.


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