Debunking by Candlelight

The paranormal is definitely something that I believe in. Without a doubt, there are inscrutable entities in their own realm of existence. Some are shady with dark, malevolent intent, while others are merely passing through for whatever reason. However, I still view things with a skeptical eye. Not everything “incomprehensiblethat happens can be explained with paranormal reasoning. In fact, with research and investigation, often what we perceive to be unexplainable can actually be justified with plausible cause.

So many factors need to be considered when trying to debunk or prove the preternatural world. Often, findings can be conclusive with the simplest of methods. And other times, even some of the most advanced paranormal equipment ends up with inconclusive results.

Recently, something peculiar happened in my home. Now looking back, it’s kind of embarrassing because it’s so mundane, but I want to share it with you because I believe it’s a prime example of investigating the unknown. Previously, I mentioned in another article that there is a huge window in my bedroom. On its sill at night I like to light tea lights. There’s just something soothing about the illuminating glow from the warm little flickers. Anyway, when I first began doing this, I noticed some gentle, random tapping outside on my window. I quickly brushed it off, thinking it was due to a soft wind blowing by. A couple of more nights passed with the same tapping , but there wasn’t any wind to blame. So my curiosity grew. I grabbed a flashlight and began to search for answers outside my window for the source of the tapping, but nothing was found. So, I went to bed that night still without explanation as the candles burned down.

The very next night I lit the candles again. The gentle tapping slowly started back up. It was dark, no street lights and the wind was calm. So where was this mysterious sound coming from? I looked outside the window, searching for an answer. “Question mark” was all I could think about, and then I noticed something…. something small and fluttering… bobbing around in the darkness….

I looked at this little insect as it attempted to fly towards the light given by the candle on the inside of the window. And that’s when it dawned on me. Every night when I’d light the tea lights, flying insects were attracted to their illuminating glow, creating the tapping on the glass with their attempts to enter.

Something so simple with a plausible explanation… nothing paranormal at all. Just the innocent curiosity of some winged little insects wanting to get in.

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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.



11 thoughts on “Debunking by Candlelight

  1. Great post and your right
    Sometimes the unexplainable is simply the un-noticed. Many times our passions for something can cloud even the clearest minds.

    And no need to be embarrassed lol. Any one willing to tell the truth will have stories of their own mistakes.

    But you done great as even when you thought it may be paranormal. You didnt write it off as such and move on. you kept seeking the truth.

    Thats the mark of a real investigator. So dont be embarrassed be proud. Nicely solved. Well done.

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  2. An atmosphere of suspense. Most attribute something that have nothing to do with the paranormal to the paranormal, when looking closer they find it was something simple. Did you get a sigh of relief or were you disappointed? Need Bug spray….LOL

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  3. OMG, girl, when I got almost to the end of your post (you hadn’t explained it yet) the goosepimples began crawling up my back. You do know how to raise the tension.
    Now I will take a moment to tell you about my one experience, and I don’t know what happened.
    During my thirties I lived in a hotel. Also I was looking for anything that could help to advance me to some sort of success. I bought a cassette tape with a recording that I was to listen to as I drifted off to sleep, which I did, maybe for a couple weeks.
    One night I woke up to see “the” four kings (not white, basically colorless) standing right beside my bed. No, I didn’t try to communicate. Fright froze me, and they disappeared. I will never forget that and still wonder, “Should I have tried to communicate?”

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  4. Hi Sheila. First, thanks very much for following our blog. Secondly, I agree with your opinion that proving the existence of the spirit world is very challenging. As you said, there are soooo many factors that must be taken into account – and, even when causes can’t immediately be found for certain events, that doesn’t necessarily mean those events are paranormal. Rather, they are simply unexplained at that moment in time. It’s not very often that we find real, unquestionable evidence of paranormal activity in any location we visit; the closest we’ve come so far is the capture of vocal anomalies on our digital recorders – and even then, we’ve had to thoroughly and carefully scrutinize those anomalies to ensure they’re genuine. We don’t present anything to the public if there’s even a question about its authenticity.

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