Automatic Writing

What is this mysterious form of writing and why are some so enraptured by it while others find it insidious? The practice of automatic writing (a.k.a. psychography) is a supernatural ability used by many individuals to communicate with spirits.

Often a person will sit in a trance-like state with a small chalkboard and a piece of chalk. While channeling, the individual allows the spirit to communicate through them. The person will transcribe the spirit’s message onto the chalkboard. This can also be done with the use of pen and paper. The individual, through which the spirit is communicating, claims to have no control over what’s being written, claiming that the spirit is in total control.

The mere thought of doing such an act frightens many people because of the idea of spirits entering (even if it’s for a brief period of time) a person’s body. They fear the possibility of a spiritual attachment. The use of a Ouija Board has also been considered a form of automatic writing.

A well-known case of automatic writing comes from the nineteenth century. New York Supreme Court Judge, John Worth Edmonds didn’t express any interest in automatic writing until after the passing of his wife. Even though Judge Edmonds put his career on the line, that didn’t stop him from pursuing communication with the spiritual world. Along with the help from his spiritualist friends, the judge claimed to have communicated with both historic figures, Francis Bacon (who was England’s Lord Chancellor that died in the seventeenth century) and Emanuel Swedenborg (who was an established philosopher from Sweden that died in the eighteenth century). However popular this study is, there still is no scientific evidence that proves such theory.

But just in case such ability does exist, I recommend using extreme caution to anyone who considers performing automatic writing. In my opinion, like with the use of a Ouija Board, it may not be that easily discernible with whom one is communicating. So be careful and know that it is not a game.


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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.


12 thoughts on “Automatic Writing

  1. There are other important people who have died from the 15th and 17th century that I still don’t know about. We won’t know all the people that were important. I just stick to the ones I know and will in the future. You learn something everyday.

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  2. You are more accurate than you might think, When you cautioned people about this. I have investigated two cases of different people using this method to communicate, And ended up needing exorcised. opening yourself to unknown entities is a very dangerous game. Great read as always.

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  3. Prior to my going completely psychotic and drowning my son in the bathtub that resulted in a Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity verdict, I use to do some automatic handwriting. My favorite was when I was sitting in a boring economics class in college…I just felt this strong urge to write, so I got out my spiral notebook and went to writing away…when your doing it, it feels as if there is no thought formation coming from within your own consciousness, self, or mind…the words flow very fast and easy…when done, you then have time to look at what was written and actually read and comprehend it, AFTER the fact that it’s been written…

    In this one particular incident, the “beings” that communicated through me, called themselves, “The Knowledge Bearers” and the title for the poem was ironically enough, “A Soul’s Seduction”….I intend to include it in my autobiography…

    The realist, psychiatrist point of view is that the chemicals in my brain, primarily the neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, went haywire and became “unbalanced”. Yet, no one can answer with 100% certainty how this happened…there are what the scientific realm call “risk factors”, such as smoking marijuana, stress, etc…yet nothing definitive as say a mutation in your genes…

    For me, this is where the spiritual world point of view comes in…was I actually “seduced” by some demonic force? At the time, I didn’t consider myself to be; however, looking back at that point in time where I felt I had NO control over my own thoughts OR behaviors, perhaps my soul was indeed seduced…hummmm…..something to think about.

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  4. In my belief system (Espiritismo/Santeria/Voodoo) spiritual possessions are all too common. People fear it going as far as calling Spiritualism, Santeria and Voodoo black magic when in fact its not the practice in itself that makes it dark, it’s whats in the person’s heart, their intentions. As a Spiritualist, or as we call it in Spanish (Espiritista) we are taught as kids to work with our (muertos) or spirits and develop a relationship with them for it is them who act as intercessors for us, and for mesiums like me, its the spirits who give you the messages when reading someone. Automatic writing is just anothetr method for spirits to communicate. Maferefun to the Egguns for their blessings.

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  6. An interesting post. I’ve not come across automatic writing, although in my foolish youth, as a teenager, I, and my friends, used a glass and cut-out letters as a ouija board.
    What is your opinion on the Biblical account of Balthazar’s feast where the finger of God wrote on the wall?

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