Doppelgangers & Black Eyed Kids (BEKs)

Doppelgangers and Black Eyed Kids. Are they real? What do you believe? Recently I came across these two topics while doing some research for a speaking event that I hosted at the Ben May Public Library in historic Mobile, Alabama just a couple of weeks ago.
Doppelgangers (German for “Ghostly Double” or “Double Walker” ) simply refers to a double of a living person. According to legend, these otherworldly creatures harness the ability to mirror the appearance of those they encounter. Many believe that doppelgangers are harbingers of doom. For instance, if a doppelganger was seen by a person’s loved one, then the doppelganger may be a messenger of danger or ill health. However, if one sees his or her own doppelganger, it’s said to be an omen of death.
A doppelganger is often considered to be a shadow self that is thought to follow every living person. In instances of bilocation, a person can either spontaneously or willingly project his or her double known as a “wraith” to a remote location. This double is identical to the real person and can interact with others just as the real person would.
Several well-known people in history reported seeing their doppelgangers prior to their deaths. Some of these historic figures include Abraham Lincoln, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Catherine The Great, Queen Elizabeth 1 and Maria de Jesus de Agreda just to name a few. Even Vice-Admiral, Sir George Tyron had reportedly been seen walking through the drawing room of his Eaton Square home in London at the exact time he had gone down with his ship, HMS Victoria after colliding with HMS Camperdown.
Another harbinger of doom is known as the Black Eyed Kid (also known as BEKs.) Their origin isn’t clear, but many believe that these young ones are the spirits of lost or murdered children.
Black Eyed Kids are typically known to travel in pairs. Their ages range from eight years to eighteen years old. They have very pale skin and black eyes, showing no pupil or iris. When these children make their approach, they usually ask to be invited in one’s car or home. Almost anyone who’s had an encounter with the BEKs become overwhelmed with a sudden feeling of fear or dread. When turning these kids away, the children show aggression with the intense need to be allowed inside.Those who claim to have encounters with the Black Eyed Kids report that the children refuse to go away until the said person either leaves the scene or closes the door on them. However, there are many reports of these encounters, there aren’t any confirmations of what could happen if someone actually complied with the demands of the Black Eyed Kids.


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~ Sheila Renee Parker on Twitter @sheilarparker.



4 thoughts on “Doppelgangers & Black Eyed Kids (BEKs)

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  2. I am very skeptical of the BEK…I mean, people have cameras now on their
    phones….pictures…won’t believe it till I actually see a picture of one,then
    it could be photoshopped. Of course, I don’t WANT see see one for real if
    they are such a thing LOL!!! I believe once I see a Doppelganger of a
    person I was friends with that lived in another country, but he is quite alive
    and it didn’t seem to be a death omen…

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